The Company

Metalo Manufacturing Inc. (CSE: MMI), formerly Muskrat Minerals Incorporated, changed its name to more accurately reflect the nature of its investment in a metals manufacturing company (pig iron for foundries and steel mills).


Metalo is the largest shareholder in the privately owned firm Grand River Ironsands Incorporated (GRI), with a 44.34% ownership of GRIs common shares. Effectively it represents an indirect shareholding in the private company North Atlantic Iron Corporation (NAIC) (project joint venture) of 27.6%. Recent investments in NAIC were at a US$80 million valuation.


NAIC is focused on developing a plant to be a low cost producer of a high purity pig iron.


The technology will be designed to ensure it reduces emissions normally associated with steel makers.


After an investment of nearly $40 million over seven years, the key mission of the project is to become the first major North American producer to supply the domestic steel and foundry markets. The current North American market imports 3-5 million tonnes per annum of pig iron. Metalo, with its substantive shareholding in GRI, and indirectly NAIC, is poised to benefit from the efforts to date in this unique business opportunity.

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