First Dedicated Merchant Pig Iron Plant in NA

Metalo Manufacturing Inc.(MMI) is the largest shareholder in privately-held Grand River Ironsands Incorporated (GRI), with approximately 44% of the shares. 


GRI is advancing the construction of a US$400 million Merchant Pig Iron (MPI) plant, with location to soon be announced, along with a Bankable Feasibility Study.  


With nearly $40 million invested to date, a niche market opportunity in the industrial manufacturing world has been addressed.  This pig iron plant has been an aggressively sought-after project by several jurisdictions and governments in North America.


Additionally, GRI controls a large minerals sands resource in Labrador, Canada, that has been the target of nearly US$15 million of investment in assessing minerals within the sands of economic value – garnet, silica quartz, feldspars and zircon (Technical report filed on SEDAR).


The pig iron plant will lever natural gas, electricity, and iron ore to make a high purity pig iron.  The chosen smelting technology is considered to generate the lowest volume of emissions globally per tonne of metal.  The proposed US$375-400 million plant will supply product to foundries and steel mills.  The mills will use the pig iron as a blend with scrap metal to make premium steel products; the foundries will use the pig iron to make items such as engines, motors, and other cast iron products.     


Currently, North America imports 4-5 million tonnes annually of pig iron, with less than 30,000 tonnes produced on the continent.  The proposed plant will produce 425,000 tonnes of high purity pig iron.


Why does this plant make sense?

Located on the doorstep of:

  1. Low cost inputs (iron ore, gas, clean hydroelectricity) - creating a lower cost production base globally

  2. A market (USA or Europe) currently being satisfied by producers outside of North America – a significant savings on shipping costs

  • The plant can supply either steel mills or premium users, such as foundries     

  • The technology is proven and will be the lowest emitter for any smelter in the world on a per tonne of metal

  • In late 2017, prices for basic pig iron have increased more than $200/tonne since 2015

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There are three different types of MPI as outlined below:


Basic Pig Iron: Used mainly in electric arc steelmaking. 3.5-4.5% carbon, <1.5% silicon, 0.5-1.0% manganese, <0.05% sulphur, <0.12% phosphorus.


Foundry Pig Iron: Also known as haematite, used mainly in grey iron casting. 3.5-4.5% carbon, 1.5-3.5% silicon, 0.5-1.0% manganese, <0.05% sulphur, <0.12% phosphorus.  


Nodular Pig Iron: used mainly in ductle casting. 3.5-4.5% carbon, <0.05% manganese, <0.02% sulphur, <0.04% phosphorus.


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