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WIne Turbines

Our Company

Company: Services

Core Values

1. Environmentally respectful solutions in mining and metals world

2. Projects that have nearby access to seaports

3. Projects with access to clean electricity useable throughout operations

4. Projects capable of delivering vigorous and sustainable economic returns

5. Projects that enable local capabilities to benefit

6. Securing forward-thinking partners and investors proficient in advancing core industrial assets

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Map of Corporate Structure

Metalo Manufacturing Inc. (MMI)

Grand River Ironsands Inc. (GRI)

44% MMI

56% Widely Held

Labrador Sands Inc. (LSI)

90% GRI

10% South African Partner

Pure Fonte Ltee (PFL)

100% GRI

Innu Sands

JV with First Nations for contract mining/processing.

First Nations 51% ; LSI 49%

LSI manages; the sole production for both LSI plants.

LSI Glassmaking

100% LSI

LSI Ceramics

100% LSI 

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